2011 Outgoing Chair's Report

In the 2010-2011 Academic Year, the Popular Music Section experienced continued growth. Our membership is now nearly 700 members. The current balance in our account as of November 16, 2011, including the $500 contingency fund, is $6595.89.

The PMSSEM webpage is managed by Trevor Harvey (ude.awoiu|yevrah-rovert#ude.awoiu|yevrah-rovert) and is intended to serve our section and society as a useful academic resource. Before the current transitional period, it contained the section’s Mission Statement, minutes of the most recent business meeting, the chair’s annual section report, information on PMSSEM projects, bibliographies, and an online directory of members reflecting their research interests and projects. The website is accessible via link from the SEM webpage or directly through the following web address: http://pmssem.tamu.edu/. It is currently being shifted to a wiki format so that its content (bibliographies, etc.) can be modified by users. The new URL is http://pmssem.wikidot.com/. This site is not yet completed but contains more up-to-date content.

List manager Phyllis Tang runs PMSSEM-L, a general discussion list for our section. Please contact her at moc.liamg|gnat.sillyhp#moc.liamg|gnat.sillyhp for questions pertaining to the list.

The Popular Music Section continues to welcome new members and new projects. All those interested in joining the section, serving on committees, or initiating new undertakings should contact our new Chair, Jennifer Milioto Matsue, at ude.noinu|jeustam#ude.noinu|jeustam.

One last item: in the interest of time we did not vote to approve the minutes of last year’s meeting at this year’s meeting. Paper copies of the 2010 minutes were available at the 2011 business meeting and are posted on the PMSSEM website. If no objections are raised on this listserv by Monday, December 5th, last year’s minutes will be considered approved (thanks to Outgone Chair Paul Greene for suggesting this way of handling this situation).

And finally, here is a 2008 picture of REM in concert:


Respectfully submitted,

Jeremy Wallach
Outgoing Section Chair
Popular Music Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology