2012 Annual Chair's Report

PMS-SEM Annual Report – September 10, 2012

PMS-SEM remains a vibrant organization with nearly 700 members and a healthy budget of $4343.7.

At the 2011 PMS-SEM Business Meeting in Philadelphia Jeremy Wallach stepped down and Jennifer Milioto Matsue became the new current Chair. Kiri Miller continued as Secretary. Memorial statements were presented in honor of Peter Narváez (by Harris M. Berger) and Charles Hamm (by Gordon Thompson). Kariann Goldschmitt agreed to serve as a liason between AMS and SMT in developing a joint popular music panel for the upcoming conference in New Orleans. The organization also discussed possible Keynote Speakers who would raise issues of interest to a large audience at the joint conference. The committee is currently considering these suggestions as they proceed.

Awards were given as follows:
2011 Richard Waterman Junior Scholar Prize – Matt Sakakeeny, “’Under the Bridge’: An Orientation to Soundscapes in New Orleans.”

2011 Lise Waxer Student Paper Prize – Luis-Manuel Garcia, “Liquid Solidarities: Vague Belonging at Electronic Dance Music Events in Paris, Chicago, and Berlin.”

And volunteers were solicited to serve on the committees for the coming year (with prizes to be announced at the PMS-SEM business meeting in NOLA).

The organization is most appreciative of the work of Trevor Harvey who completely redesigned our website (http://pmssem.wikidot.com) in December 2012, and Phyllis Tang for managing the listserv. PMS-SEM is also extremely grateful for the hardwork of all committee members and especially the following for Chairing: Gordon Thompson - Richard Waterman Prize, Joshua Duchan - Lise Waxer Prize, Katherine Metz - Keynote Speaker, Alex Perullo – Music and Fair Use Forum.

Following the Business Meeting, Alice Echols to gave the 2011 PMSSEM Keynote Address.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Chair