2012 Minutes

November 3, 2012 Popular Music Section Society for Ethnomusicology Business Meeting
Meryl Krieger, in lieu of Kiri Miller (in spirit)

Jennifer Milioto Matsue opened the meeting, introduced the former chairs and thanked members who have been active in past years and revisited why the section is not having food/beverages this year.

Moment of silence for Jan Fairley and David Sanjek. Asked for people who would like to speak about them. No one did but the group observed a moment of silence for them.

Reviewed the budget

700 members on the listserv and @ 100 dues-paying members. The current budget is $4,343 though the numbers have not been increasing. Therefore Jennifer Milioto Matsue is recommending that we continue to be conservative with Section funds. Referencing future discussion of student research budget.

New system of approving minutes

To save time suggested by Paul Greene. Minutes are posted online, if no objections are received by December 1 we will accept them as approved.

Trevor Harvey helped revise the website/wiki and JMM streamlined the information on the SEM page for PMSSEM so that it will be simpler to update section information. Info on main SEM site is basic, references PMSSEM wiki dot for further details.

Please update info in Member Directory on the site – people should go visit the site.

Listserv management

If you want to join, please send Jennifer Milioto Matsue an email and she’ll forward it to the Web Mangager Phyllis Tang with relevant information. She is being conservative with how much she forwards from IASPM to the PMS list, but will continue to share relevant information.

Jennifer Milioto Matsue started a sign-in sheet.

Alex Perullo’s fair use committee

Do we still need it? Alex is at the African Music interest group. Jennifer Milioto Matsue will contact AP to see if he feels this committee still has work to be done.

New and Ongoing business

Multiple Waxer prizes – it has come to our attention that an undergraduate paper prize for NACSEM is now named the Lise Waxer prize. Jennifer Milioto Matsue questioned if we should therefore be more specific about our identity as a sponsoring organization. Jeremy Wallach questioned why the group change the name of the prize?
Jennifer Milioto Matsue responded that this is a new prize, not an old one.Gordon Thompson reminded us that ours was the original prize. Jeremy suggested that it is unlikely that there will be spillover. But JMM decided to contact the President of NACSEM to clarify the names. GT requested that we clear this with the board, which JMM agreed to do.

Keynote Lecture

Jennifer Milioto Matsue raised the idea that we should name our keynote lecture. Gordon moved that we form a committee to further discuss. Gordon, Kathryn Metz, and Jennifer Milioto Matsue agreed to serve on the committee; Jennifer Milioto Matsue will Chair. Suggested names include: David Sanjek, Peter Navarez.

Student Research Prize

Jennifer Milioto Matsue moved that we revisit the Student Research Prize committee. The idea is to create a research grant prize (if you’re applying to research popular music in Asia there is also a student prize awarded by the Society of Asian Music) – particularly for small, exploratory projects.

The Asia grant is $3000 but our budget isn’t that large. It might be a good use of our revenue, though we’d be talking a much smaller fund. Members discussed whether the four original members wished to stay on the committee (Paul Greene, Jeremy Wallach, Esther Clinton, and Gordon Thompson). We agreed that Gordon would rotate off this committee. Kathy Meizel volunteered from BGSU. The chair for this group is Paul Greene. JMM suggested the committee review the format from the Society for Asian Music. The prize amount needs to be substantial enough to help the student complete research, not drain the PMS budget.

Status of Popular Music Scholars Committee

Jennifer Milioto Matsue introduced another committee that formed (T.M. Scruggs, Dennis Rathnaw, Kevin Fellezs and Paul Greene) at the meeting in L.A. to explore the Status of Popular Music Scholars; specifically how popular music scholars are fitting into the Academy. There is a question of rates of retention of popular music scholars (both male and female, though JMM introduced particular concerns about issues facing female faculty in particular). Others raised that many of the women who serve are also outside the Academy (hence no tenure). Kathryn Metz is interested in joining though she is outside the academy to assist in collaborating, also Kathy Meizel.

Paul Greene clarified that there are few tenure line positions in popular music studies though maybe we need to decide what the focus of this committee should be. Jennifer Milioto Matsue wants to form one committee which can work through the issues and determine priorities (Popular Music positions in general; concerning gender issues, etc.). JMM suggested we keep the title and come back with a report next year on what it needs to focus on.
Kevin and TM Scruggs were not in attendance, so Jennifer Milioto Matsue will e-mail to find out if they want to continue. Dennis agreed to be chair.

2013 conference ideas – in Indianapolis next year

No longer need a panel coordinator – did we do okay about that – Jennifer Milioto Matsue thinks we did okay – PMSSEM sponsored 8-9 panels this year. People should email the section list if they are looking for folks to work with. Folks are okay with not having a coordinator. Email Jennifer Milioto Matsue at ude.noinu|jeustam#ude.noinu|jeustam if you want sponsorship from the section. It has little to do with acceptance by the program committee, but we like it to raise the profile of the section. Remember this does not guarantee acceptance of the panel or paper.

Any ideas for Keynote Lecture next year?

Esther: quickly growing Latino population, mostly Central American – possibly incorporate this?

JMM added that the intention of the keynote is to bring in a lecturer who does not regularly attend SEM. Like Sarah Cohen, or Ann Powers, etc. Any other ideas?

Question about conference themes

no theme – Gordon said the Program Committee (David Harnish) said the theme would emerge from the papers.

Others recommended John McDowell (corridos), Elijah Wald, Monica Herzig, Keith Kahn-Harris

The committee will continue discussion of the keynote lecturer.

Prize announcements:

Lise Waxer prize

Jennifer Milioto Matsue introduced the prize. Chaired by Joshua Duchan, Kevin Fellezs and Kathryn Metz and Meg Jackson
Waxer Prize Committee Reports

2011 forward

After several months of reading and rereading some excellent submissions, this year's committee has reached a decision regarding the 2011 Lise Waxer Prize. Our winner is Tony Dumas, of UC Davis, for his paper, "Metaphors of Emotion and the Commodification of Flamenco in Northern America."

Here are a few points that various committee members relayed about Mr. Dumas's paper:

We found it a "richly textured unpacking of a complex situation that reflects the intricate myths and realities of globalizing musics. […] Dumas's linking of the 'metaphors of emotion' to the 'commodification of flamenco' provides a rich context in which to explore the changes to flamenco as it travels outside of its traditional orbit. […] He neatly unpacks the genre's history and cultural significance and deftly assesses the neutralizing influence of a marketplace that supplants flamenco's 'cathartic psychodrama' with romantic escapism. […] In using a non-Romani guitarist to make his points, Dumas explores a sophisticated complication of the links between the flamenco tradition and a musician's positioning. […] All in all, a well-written and cogently argued paper that reveals the ways in which a once-oral musical tradition has been transformed by music industry imperatives at variance with traditional values and aesthetics."

The 2011 Lise Waxer Prize Committee:

  • Joshua S. Duchan (Wayne State University), chair
  • Kevin Fellezs (Columbia University)
  • Margaret Jackson (Troy University, soon to be Florida State University)
  • Katherine Meizel (Bowling Green State University)

Tony accepted his prize from Jennifer Milioto Matsue and Josh. Paul took a picture of them with Tony.

2012 Waterman Prize Announcement

Richard Waterman prize to recognize the most outstanding article from a junior faculty member.

The Waterman Prize recognizes the best article by a junior scholar in the ethnomusicological study of popular music published within the previous year, in any publication.

The review committee this year consisted of

  • Travis Jackson (University of Chicago)
  • Annie Randall (Bucknell University)
  • Jeremy Wallach (Bowling Green State University)
  • Gordon Thompson (Skidmore College, chair)

The committee received 18 submissions and after much deliberation and several rounds of voting, the committee decided to split this year’s prize between two excellent articles.

Ellen Gray’s “Fado’s City” (Anthropology and Humanism 36.2: 141-163) credibly combines ethnography with research on popular music genres, urban soundscapes, representing the nation, and performative emplacement, all the while stressing the excessive, slippery nature of fado encountered in performance, as it eludes all attempts to fit it into linear narratives of city, nation, Eurozone tourist development, even ethnomusicology articles.

Jonathan Ritter's "Chocolate, Coconut, and Honey: Race, Music, and the Politics of Hybridity in the Ecuadorian Black Pacific" (Popular Music and Society 35.5 (December 2011): 571-592), in clear and thoughtful prose, traces the contested symbology of the Afro-Ecuadorian marimba through discourses on music, politics, ethnicity, and identity (and their interrelationships). Using a broad variety of analytic tools, he revisits and revises debates on authenticity in a compelling narrative that extends the notion of the Black Pacific while offering a critique of Black Atlantic discourse.

Prize was split between Ellen Gray and Jonathan Ritter – Jennifer Milioto Matsue has the introductions in email form and will email them to JMK. Ellen is stranded in NY but Jonathan was here to accept his prize.

JMM reminded that the forms are in back by the door for people interested in submitting prizes for this year.

She then called for nominations for committee members for 2012-2013, noting that junior faculty can be on the Waxer committee: Andrew Mall from DePaul University self-nominated.

Question if it is a one-year or two year term - does not seem to be specified.

So Joshua Duchan volunteered and agreed to chair.

Meryl Krieger also volunteered for this committee.

JMM raised the idea of going electronic next year? She will clarify this process with Joshua and change the forms accordingly.
Waterman committee: Johnathan Ritter volunteered to be on it. The winner of the prize should be invited to serve (if they have secured tenure since the previous year). Jeremy is willing to serve again if necessary; Travis Jackson was not in attendance. Jennifer Milioto Matsue will contact her Ellen Gray to see if she is willing to serve and then let Jeremy and Travis know.
Keynote lecture committee: Kathryn Metz, Meryl Krieger, Robert Fry – fielded committee. Kathryn volunteered to stay on and chair it. Meg Jackson volunteered from Florida State, Tony Dumas took the third slot.

Jennifer Milioto Matsue thanked Meryl Krieger for serving tonight as Secretary instead of Kiri Miller who needed to present on a panel.

New business

Jeremy announced Metal and Globalization symposium at the University of Dayton next weekend sponsored by their department of English. The Heavy Metal conference at BGSU next year – deadline for abstract is December 1st. Jeremy Wallach has posted the full announcement on the PMS listserve.

Andrew Mall: IASPM-US conference in last weekend in Austin – November 8th deadline to submit.

Volunteered for the Waterman committee: Laurie Semmes from Appalachian State University – new attendee at the section meeting

Harry Berger, Paul Greene and Jeremy Wallach’s heavy metal book is out.

Jennifer Milioto Matsue asked if anyone had any additional announcements and then adjourned the meeting.