2014 Annual Chair's Report

PMS-SEM Annual Report - September 15, 2014

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PMS-SEM remains a vibrant organization with a healthy budget of $3,493.53. We have @700 members on our listserv, and 164 paid members as of July 2014 and 141 paid members as of October 2014.

Jennifer Milioto Matsue continued as Chair and Meryl Krieger as Secretary at the 2013 PMS-SEM Business Meeting in Indiana. We opened the meeting with a moment of silence for scholars and performers we lost the proceeding year. We posted minutes on-line and approved them at the meeting. PMS approved naming our keynote lecture after David Sanjek and changing the Waxer paper prize name to differentiate it from a regional student paper prize. New members were solicited for our standing committees and a new committee was formed to develop bi-laws to add to our Mission Statement. Matsue moved that PMS revisit developing a Student Research Prize, extending this to junior and non-affiliated scholars, and the work of the Status of Popular Music Scholars. The group then discussed possible speakers and panel ideas for SEM in 2014.

Awards were given as follows:

The winner of the 2014 Richard Waterman Junior Scholar Prize is: Manabe, Noriko. “Music in Japanese Antinuclear Demonstrations: The Evolution of a Contentious Performance Model.” In The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 11, Issue 42, No. 3, October 21, 2013.

In this timely article, Noriko Manabe focuses on the music of ambulatory antinuclear demonstrations in Japan from 2011 to 2013 "by drawing on the theories of Charles Tilly and Thomas Turino to explain the political catalysts for shifts between two styles: presentational and participatory." She skillfully analyzes her ethnographic fieldwork data—including interviews, personal participation, photographs, and audio and video examples—to answer a question regarding music and demonstrations: "To what extent does a demonstrator engage with a musical performance, and in what ways?" As she explains, "since Japan's triple disaster of March 11, 2014, music has served to inform and give voice to unspoken opinions in several spaces: cyberspace, recordings, festivals and concerts, and public demonstrations." In particular, it has been a major part of antinuclear demonstrations, where it is not only heard but functions to "encourage participation and build solidarity among antinuclear citizens."

Honorable Mention: Patch, Justin. “Total War, Total Anti-War: Music, Holism, and Anti-War Protest.” In Ethnomusicology Review. (http://ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu)

The Lise Waxer Prize for the best student paper presented at the 2013 SEM meeting goes to Fritz Schenker of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for his paper, “‘The Paul Whiteman of the East’: Performing Race in Colonial Asia.” Schenker’s work uses the

African American jazz bandleader, Jack Carter, and his career in Singapore and other parts of Asia in the 1920s and 30s, as a lens through which to critically examine issues of race, authenticity, and representation. Drawing on a wide range of contemporaneous written sources as well as fieldwork in Hong Kong, Malina, and Singapore, the committee found Schenker’s arguments clearly written and solidly constructed, especially in regard to the liminality of blackness in the Asian colonial context: Carter and his contemporaries were perceived neither as a local ethnic nor as white, creating a site of slippage and opportunities for passing that were not lost on the musicians themselves. Schenker’s efforts offer a significant contribution to scholarship on popular music in colonial Asia—a deserving and understudied topic—with clear ramifications not only for historical studies of the globalization of jazz, but also for scholarship on African American negotiation of colonial hierarchies of race outside the United States.

The organization is most appreciative of the hardwork of all committee members and especially the following for Chairing: Laurie Semmes - Richard Waterman Prize, Joshua Duchan - Lise Waxer Prize, Katherine Metz - Keynote Speaker, Jeremy Wallach – Student Research Grant Committee, and Dennis Rathnaw – Satus of Popular Music Scholars.

Following the Business Meeting, Elijah Wald gave the 2013 PMSSEM David Sanjek Keynote Lecture in Popular Music.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Chair