2014 Minutes

PMSSEM business meeting 11-14-14

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Gordon: Jim Sullivan, guitarist.who passed away

Jose Esteban Neros - west coast musician passed away last year (speaker).

Old business - name changes for prizes.

New business/Reports

Website chair (Trevor): updates - no updates.

Is happy to take feedback if there is anything people want to see - posted updates as they came in.

KM idea of archiving lectures (footage?)

Status of Scholars

goal was to assess the status of scholars of popular music in and out of the academy.

Paul G - coming together for CHE for an open letter in support of tenure line positions

Jeremy W: more jobs are saying they want people who teach popular music - in the last three years more positions have been appearing.

Dennis: Is it worth following previous models on the committee - mission statement of the PMSSEM - present ourselves in outline what we do and what we stand for.

I’ve seen other sections follow suit and submit this to an online journal. Not sure what the broader point is, but it can help to bring awareness of the section.Use this as the basis for a letter to CHE with our goals and achievements. Any activism of the group within our purview. Split these sections up and extrapolate this into a letter. Harry, Jeremy, Paul.

Gordon: We published a brief history in the SEM newsletter.

Development of mentoring (related to the SSW mentoring program): would we be interested in developing a mentor/mentee format?

Esther: if we’re going to do this, we need to keep track of who’s focus is where.

KM: that’s the way it worked in the SSW - people matched up accordingly - kind of a speed dating event. It seemed a bit awkward in theory but actually worked great. (senior scholars expressed interest)

Student Research Grant - no report.

Bylaws: Jennifer is working with Justin Hunter. Gordon and Meryl are still on board with this.

2015 conference ideas

- Kathryn is on the program committee this year - I learned a lot of things, for example 70% of papers this year were part of organized panels. There’s apparently an imbalance among sponsored panels. There was a suggestion from Martin Dawtry - perhaps each section who wants to sponsor panels might set a deadline (of perhaps two weeks before the conference submission deadline) to review and give guidance.

Esther: it might also help people write stronger proposal abstracts. Giving feedback is often useful.

Meryl: There’s been an informal system.

Moved, seconded, approved.

Themes for next year? for the Austin meeting?

Meryl: look to Austin for local?

KM: Jennifer suggested a non-Western specialist.

Travis: someone who could talk about music festivals? Terry Lacona “Austin City Limits”

Dennis: I’d like to see a tv show involved.

KM: Also Ed Bates (and a photographer)

Meryl: I’m willing to come back on the committee

Dennis: I like the idea of a non-Western presenter.

Meryl: suggested posting this to the listserv to request ideas - give section a deadline of January 1 to suggest names for the committee.

KM: Issues of recording keynote lecture - partnerships to sign waiver for recording lectures. Do we need a structure in place to do this?

Travis: Talk to Steve Stoempfle about how SEM is doing this?

Meryl: setting this up with IU’s resources?

Josh reading the award for Lise Waxer, Meryl to present check to Fritz.

Josh, Meredith, Fritz.

Current chair, Jane, Noriko.


Jeremy Electric Guitar in Popular Music conference will be at Bowling Green State U in April 2015.

Josh: if you’re a grad student who wants to submit for the Lise Waxer prize the forms are on the back table, take both sheets (info sheet and registration form).

Meryl read the requirements for the Waterman Prize.

Moved to end meeting!