Executive Committee

Chair: Jennifer Milioto Matsue
Outgoing Chair: Jeremy Wallach
Secretary: Meryl Krieger

Website Editor: Trevor S. Harvey
PMSSEM-L Manager: Phyllis Tang

Past Chairs

  • Paul D. Greene

  • Harris M. Berger

Prize Committees

Lise Waxer Prize Committee

  • Joshua Duchan, chair 

  • Meredith Schweig
  • Fritz Schenker

Richard Waterman Junior Scholar Prize Committee

  • Laurie Semmes, chair
  • Jane Florine
  • Andy Eisenberg

Conference Committees

The David Sanjek Lecture in Popular Music Committee

  • Katherine Metz, chair
  • Meredith Schweig
  • Tony Dumas

Ongoing Committees

Bi-Laws Committee

  • Jennifer Matsue, chair
  • Gordon Thompson
  • Meryl Krieger

Research Grant Committee

  • Jeremy Wallach, chair
  • Esther Clinton
  • Katherine Meizel
  • Paul Greene

Committee on the Status of Popular Music Scholars

  • Dennis Rathnaw, chair
  • Paul Greene
  • Katherine Metz
  • Katherine Meizel