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General Resources

Everyday I Write the Book, online bibliography by Gil Rodman (//Tracking: Popular Music Studies// vol. 2, no. 2: Spring 1990)
IASPM's linkspage of popular music resources
IASPM's linkspage of online bibliographies
Popular Music Links Page, maintained by Anthony McCann

American Musics

pre-1900 American popular music site
Center for the Study of Southern Culture Home Page
American Folklife Center Home Page
FolkLib Index of folk music
American Music Society Resources and Linkspage
Jazz Online
Beatles "Beabliography"
Broadcast Music International (BMI) website
MTV website
Motown website
Classroom Strategies and Resources

African-American musics

All About Jazz: A Monthly Jazz Magazine and Resource
Center for Black Music Research of Columbia College Chicago

Popular Musics of Asia

Film IndiaFilm India's
BibliographyFilm India's
Linkspage "India's largest music site"
Tamil Film Music Portal
TamilWorld Song Collections
Music of Nepal
Wave magazine: popular culture in Nepal

Popular Musics of Africa

Africa Links
Dandemutande: Zimbabwean Music and Culture Worldwide
University of Pennsylvania African Studies Center
Ananzi Entertainment (South Africa) LinksPage
Africa South of the Sahara Linkspage of Culture and Society

Popular Musics of Europe

Portail Ethnomusicologie - France
TamburaWeb: Bosnian Music Old and New
Romanian Voice
The Warsaw Voice

Popular Musics of South and Central America

Iberian and Latin American Music OnLine
La Onda Network: Hispanic Music Information Resource

Popular Musics of the Middle East

PersianWeb Music

Popular Musics of the Pacific

Perfect Beat
Music Archive for the Pacific
Australian Folk Songs site by Mark Gregory
JMC Academy, Australia