The Annual PMSSEM David Sanjek Lecture

PMSSEM hosts a distinguished guest speaker to deliver the PMSSEM Lecture each year as part of the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology. The Lecturer is selected by the Lecture Committee based on nominations from the PMSSEM membership.

praCh, Khmer-American rapper and educator
"Art of praCh"
Lenny Kaye, writer, musician, and producer
"Planetary Perspectives: Pop Music as Viewed from a Distant Galaxy"
Greg Tate, writer, musician, and producer
"Justice For Mike Brown vs The Silence of the Lambs, or Why Black Popular Kulcha's Current Elite are Too Sold-out, Skeered and Glitch-assed to Soundtrack the Revolution in Ferguson, Mo."
Elijah Wald, musician and author
"How the Smart Kids Study Popular Music, or Why Are There No Papers on Katy Perry?"
Ann Powers, NPR Music
"Creole Songs and English Dances: Why Rock and Roll Was Really Born in New Orleans in 1805"
Alice Echols, University of Southern California
"You Gotta Move: Making Bodies Matter"
Maureen Mahon, New York University
"Searching for Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton: Race and Gender in the Rock and Roll Archives"
Barry Shank
"The Political Agency of Music"
Toru Mitsui
"When the Production of Hit Songs Began in Japan: Musical Hybridization, Technological Innovation and the Expansion of the Recording Industry in the Late 1920s"
Paul Théberge, Canada Research Chair, Carleton University
"Extending the Mix: Technology, Ethnography, and Popular Music."
Juan-Pablo González, Catholic University of Chile
"Popular Musicology in Latin America: Folklore, Industry,and Nation."
Sara Cohen, University of Liverpool
"Popular Music, Heritage, and Urban Regeneration."
Deena Weinstein, DePaul University
"Processes of Diffusion and Reception in Global Popular Musics: The Case of Heavy Metal."

Members of PMSSEM are invited to suggest to the Lecture Committee nominees for the PMSSEM Lecture.